F Hotel Chihpen
No.33, Dashun Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County 95094, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Traffic Information
Public Transportation-Train:
North: North-link Line – Taitung Station- to Jhihben and get off at Jhiben Station.
South: South-link Line – Jhihben Station.
Public Transportation-Airplanes:
Direct flight from Taipei Songshan Airport to Taitung Airport, about 40-50 minutes.
# Please check flight schedules with the airlines.
• Weishui Chiang Memorial Freeway/Freeway No. 5: Yilan – Suhua Highway – Hualien – Huatung Highway – Taitung – Jhihben (about 6 hours)
• South-link Highway: Kaohsiung Provincial Route No. 1 – Fenggang Provincial highway No. 9 – Dawu – Taimali – Jhihben (about 4 hours)
• East Rift Valley Route: Hualien Provincial Highway No. 9 – Rueisuei – Chihshang – Guanshan – Taitung – Jhihben (about 4 hours)
• East Coastline: Hualien-Taitung Provincial Highway No. 11 – Changhong Bridge – Basian Cave – Sansiantai – Taitung – Jhihben (about 4.5 hours)
Shuttle Service
1.Free shuttle service to Jhihben Station
2.One-way shuttle service fees for Taitung Train Station (about 40 minutes) and Taitung Airport (about 40 minutes): NT$150/person, $400/car (1-4 persons), $600/car (5-7 persons) (including children)
3.Please call to request for shuttle service before 5 pm the day before departure (Same day shuttle service available depending on the appointment status).